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2014-05-18 01:32:39 by nookierobber

So the last song I uploaded "Open the Wind" randomly skewered itself with a fail-spear and has decided to go haywire, it is not supposed to sound as it does, I will be recording it over again soon but first I must discover what caused the file to um..well...fuck up, forlack of a better term. Once I figure all this out I will edit the posted audio replacing it with the song re-recorded and fingers crossed this doesn't happen again.

new songs

2014-02-05 08:45:06 by nookierobber

New songs are definitley coming up! I've been hard at work with my latest song incorperating piano into some guitar and even some ocarina! so new stuff is on the way ill update when I am closer to a release date for the first of many releases this year!

New Instrument

2014-01-01 14:00:21 by nookierobber

I now have an acoustic guitar and am thrilled to be recording again!


2013-09-24 13:21:07 by nookierobber

Finally got a hold of some decent software in my free time, now I just need to get a new acoustic and I should be all set to do some more music that isn't just piano. Can't wait to get my hands on an acoustic guitar it has been a long time coming since I've been able to just sit down and write something with a guitar. Hope you all enjoy it when I start uploading some sweet new tracks.



2013-09-02 19:42:49 by nookierobber

Well, I have made up my mind. I'm not just writing for my upcoming animation projects. I figure there Is a music section on the site, I may as well share some of my piano work as well. Perhaps some guitar work in the near future(If my lazy ass will go out and purchase the acoustic I want, but once I have It I will be writing some works that require both of my favorite string instruments for sure). It's time I get to work! In the meantime, I think a few of my already recorded Piano instrumentals should hold over all the adoring fans I don't have(haha, I'm nobody yet lol). Enjoy the music people.



Project in motion

2013-09-02 12:07:30 by nookierobber

So my very first short film project has taken its first baby step towards getting on its feet. I have just been given express permission from to put one of his fantastic songs (that I was overwhelmingly inspired by upon my first listen) to a video piece. I'm EXTREMELY excited about getting to work on hand drawing up the story board after which I will create the animations on my respective program. The project is initially estimated to take at the most 3 months, I really hope I can pull this off sooner( with days, maybe weeks of all nighters) but as I progress through the project I will be able to better verify a deadline for the release. I really look forward to putting this together and couldn't be more pleased with being allowed to make halcyonicfalconx's beautiful musical piece come alive in film format.


busting my hump

2013-09-01 22:57:59 by nookierobber

I have decided to try my hand at animating. Seeing as how I tend to be a perfectionist with anything I find myself to have a drive for, this is swiftly turning into a very very very very very very very very slow process. Given that, It may be weeks even months before the finish product comes through. However, I'm ecstatic about this new experience and can't wait for my first line of feedback EVEN if you all hate it. Here's a screenshot of my working with the first frame. Not much but any comments are welcome.

busting my hump